Basic knowledge required

Program to be studied to recover minimum requirements for access to the master's degree program in Innovation management for sustainable tourism-IMAST.

Business administration topics:

- the systemic approach to the study of the firm
- the organizational structure of firms
- the firm/environment relationship and the Stakeholder Theory
- conditions of firm sustainable profitability
- the purpose and structure of financial statements
- analysis of firm financial performance

Quantitative topics:

- basic knowledge of the following statistical topics:
1) computation and graphical representation of frequency distributions;
2) summary statistics of central tendency, shape and dispersion;
3) elements of probability theory.

- basic knowledge of the use of the electronic spreadsheet may be of help.

These topics are dealt with in the first four chapters of:
Newbold P., William L. Carlson W. L., Thorne B., Statistics for Business and Economics Global Edition Paperback;
Newbold P., William L. Carlson W. L., Thorne B. Statistica, Pearson (Italian edition).

Economic topics:

- the basic principles and tools of economics (opportunity costs, trade-offs, comparative advantage, marginal thinking, incentives, cost and benefits, graphs, slope, cause and effects, normative positive statements)
- interdependence and the gains from trade
- how markets work (supply, demand, elasticity and its application, goverment policies)
- externalities, public goods and common resources, public sector policies for the environment
- fims in competitive markets
- the basic concepts and data of Macroeconomics (GDP and its components, real vs. nominal GDP, GDP and economic well-being)  

Recommended reading: Mankiw, G. Essentials of Economics, 6th edition onwards. 

Law topics:

- Fundamentals of public and private law
- Transport law institutions
- Elements of travel and tourism law