TEAMS Innovation management for sustainable tourism


Due to present covid-19 emergency lectures will be given face to face and also online

To enter in each online class you have to enter the code on Microsoft TEAMS using your institutional e-mail (

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Informations and tutorial about distance learning


First year

first semester a.y. 2021/22

Economics of sustainable tourism 2021/22 – Caponi: e9iscsp

Strategic management and governance for tourism companies 2021/22 – Fadda: fvmps7j

International tourism marketing 20210/22 – Farina Briamonte: is35r8k


second semester a.y. 2021/22

Legal models for sustainable tourism and mobility lab 2021/22 – Trovò: qq7u8b2

Data analysis and forecasting methods for sustainable tourism 2021/22 – Salinari: stb1qxf

Second year

first semester a.y. 2021/22

Natural capital and ecosystem service 2021/22 – Concu: bcnffgf

Equality sustainability and well-being measurement lab 2021/22 – Ruiu: q7j7qsn

Financial instruments laboratory for sustainable tourism 2021/22 – Carosi: itq6bmu


second semester a.y. 2021/22

Innovation management and tourism service design 2021/22 – Usai: hakxa42



Electives 2021/22

first semester a.y. 2021/22

English for business 2021/22 – Pugliese: iucwzn1

Tourism enterpreneurship lab 2021/22 – Farina Briamonte: ibpy6bn

Destination management and digital marketing lab 2021/22 – Del Chiappa: rqz3kle

Human resources 2021/22 – Virili: wcrhdn2

Lab for etiss 2021/22 – Ruiu: s2t3nrp


second semester a.y. 2021/22

Business and market law lab 2021/22 – Docente da definire: prb1bk8

Geo-economic context of sustainable tourism development 2021/22 – Battino: ef8zg6s

Ethic tourism 2021/22 – Pinna: 3yedc8u

European law lab 2021/22 – Docente da definire: 6cfkcuk